“Treading the Boards”

28th August – 9th September 2017

Featuring Mark Davies, Sara Pope Phil Davison, Carne Griffiths, Jo Lynn, Raffaella Bertolini, Miss LED.

Dark House Gallery

The Playhouse,

Northumberland Avenue,

London WC2N 5DE

“Division” Exhibition

Ben Oakley Gallery, a massive miniature show with over 40 artists.

PV 30th of June 2017
9 TURNPIN LANE, SE10 9JA London, United Kingdom

Some of my artworks are on show and available to buy at Dark House Gallery,

A beautiful venue in London, just off Trafalgar Square.

Dark House, The Playhouse, Northumberland Avenue, London WC2N 5DE

Gallery opening times: 10am-4pm Monday to Friday; Saturday 10am-1pm

Call Direct on 07498068626  ​Website : www.darkhousestudio.com

“Urban Art” Exhibition

Chapel Arts Gallery,

Cheltenham (UK)

24 March – 16 April 2017


“Borders; Imaginary Lines”

Group Exhibition

Galerie Protege’,
New York

March / April 2016


“Exhibit Here Summer Exhibition”

The Menier Gallery, London
July 2015


“Exhibit Here’s 2016 Art Maze”

“Fusion – Art Show”

Hoxton Arches

25-29th April 2015


Rare Art

51 SouthWark Street, London SE1 1RU

14th- 18th April 2015



The Rag Factory , London

18-22 FEB 2015


“Movement: Artworks”


Muse Gallery, Portobello Road 269, W11 1LR

01-08 Aug 2014


The Underdog Custom Show

Some of my  paintings are currently on show At The Underdog Gallery
Underdog Art Gallery

Arch 6
Crucifix Lane
London SE1 3JW

0207 403 7837

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 15.22.25

Solo Show exhibition

Vinyl, 4 Tanners Hill, London

May 2014

Interview with New Urban Era

” New urban era is a not for profits organisation based in Tamworth Staffordshire
Established in 2011.

Our aim is to Raise the profile of Urban Arts, including but not exclusive to Graffiti, street art, dance, skate, free running, DJs and live music.”

Click on Image to read full interview

The painting “Re-Veiled”    won second place in the Abstract – Conceptual

category on the online competition ” V Gran Premio Citta’ di Savona

Organised by ” Movimento Arte del XXI Secolo”

My painting “Re-veiled” was shortlisted  at the The Coffee Art Project artists competition.

The Coffee Art Project supports Project Waterfall, which is committed to bringing clean water to communities which grow our coffee through the Allegra Foundation and other registered charities.

“59 Artworks Exhibition”


London, 5th- 19th November 2014