Past commissioned artworks


Pencil, Ink on Bristol paper.

50 x 60 cm

” ANNA “

Commissioned portrait of singer/songwriter Anna Page.

Alcohol Inks on Yupo paper


” Psychedelic John “

Commissioned portrait of musician John O’Sullivan.

Alcohol Inks on Yupo paper



This is the CD cover I designed for  “Mark & the clouds” debut album.

Mark and The Clouds is a London based band playing a blend of timeless, catchy and powerful pop. Evolving from Instant Flight, a band so cool they persuaded the legendary Arthur Brown to sing on their debut album, Colours & Lights, Mark & The Clouds is fronted by vocalist and songwriter Marco Magnani.

This is the CD cover I designed for  HASH.

HASH is a dirty rock band from Trnava, Slovakia that just celebrated its 10th birthday.

Oil Paintings Commissions

” Gideau ”   Oil on Canvas

This painting was commissioned for a birthday present. The customer asked me to change the background, he wanted a mountain scenery. He was really pleased with the final results!

Customer feedback:

I would urge anyone to use Raffaella to paint a picture of their pet. She is a gifted artist who exactly captured the essence of our family dog even though she was only working from a photograph. Her portrait, painted as a surprise for my wife’s birthday, was a massive hit and now hangs in pride of place in my wife’s office at home and will always be a great memento of a much-loved pet.

Mark Dowdney, London

” Minnie “   Oil on Canvas

This is a painting of a Shih Tzu dog, the customer asked me if I could change the background in order not to see the armrest of the sofa at the back, so I just painted the flowers motives all the way.

Customer feedback:

A wonderful representation of my favourite dog.”

Angela Butt, London

” My Dog “      Oil on Canvas

This is a painting of my own dog, a beautiful German shepherd named Maya, she is my loyal companion! This was my first of a series of dog paintings..owning a dog gave me lots of new inspirations!

This painting was sold to a  collector in China.

” Archimedes “   Oil on Canvas

This is a painting of French Bulldog, I love his expression, the customer was really pleased with it considering the photograph was really small and not too clear, I still managed to catch the essence of his character.

Customer Feedback:
” French Bulldogs are very difficult to paint as they all look the same. I am absolutely thrilled  Raffaella has caught all his features. Fantastic artist. Thank you, Pam.”

Pam Ibrahima, London

” Frank’s Dad “      Oil on Canvas

This portrait was commissioned for a special occasion, an anniversary gift from the son of the man on the portrait. Working from a small picture I managed to create a unique painting, with a peaceful atmosphere, adding some expressionistic elements.