Educated in 10 schools in 5 countries, funkcutter gained a degree in Microbiology and Genetics before putting her studies into practice and becoming the mother of 9 children.
Throughout these experiments she was drawn to art and although her day jobs have mainly been in teaching science and maths at night the flashing lights of the projector drew her into the wildly stroboscopic world of the VJ.

Since 2008 Funkcutter has worked primarily on being singer, lyricist and visual whirlwind of Anarchistwood with a shamanic performance style backed up by thunderous guitar riffs provided by Candiflip Blackwood, heavy political, twisted, kaleidoscopic and defiantly erotic visuals and an endless stream of friends, family and collaborators and is currently working on the band’s third studio album.

based on an original photo by Tanzi Jezebel Rosenberg.

Alcohol Inks on Yupo Paper (50x 70 cm)

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@ raffaellabertolini

Italian born Artist , based in London, UK. Urban & Pop psychedelic art


"Edie Sedgwick Meltdown" , Acrylics, Oils & spray paint on 80x80 cm canvas, available , DM for details.
#ediesedgwick #andywarhol #popart #modernart #urbanart #painting #factorygirl #superstar
Flower kitty power :) oil on vintage fabric mounted on wood panel, 30x30 cm
#paintingonfabric #vintagefabric #oilpainting #catwoman #morethantheface #modernart #urbanart
Made a Little "Catwoman" Painting on Fabric..all these new artworks will be on show @benoakleygallery for the "More than the face" exhibition , PV on 14th of June , 7 pm!
#oilpainting #paintingonfabric #floral #vintagefabric #catwoman #modernart #urbanart