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Part of my “Icons” series this is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe who to this days is still considered the world’s most popular icon of sex appeal and beauty, and is remembered for her idiosyncratic sense of humor and sly wit.Monroe has been imitated over the years by a number of celebrities, including Madonna, Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani.

The painting is covered by a layer of epoxy resin. Resin is similar to varnish in that it gives a glossy, protective finish – only resin is MUCH thicker and can be applied all at once. When cured, the resin will look the same as 50 coats of varnish – glassy, glossy, shiny, beautiful.
Note that some reflections on the pictures is caused by the highly glossy surface.

Alcohol Inks, Epoxy Resin on Yupo Paper

Mounted on wood box Panel.

50 x 70 x 3.5 cm

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@ raffaellabertolini

Italian born Artist , based in London, UK. Urban & Pop psychedelic art


"I wanna be evil, I wanna be mad! But more than that, I wanna be bad! " :) Eartha Kitt - Catwoman
I have been a little obsessed about Eartha Kitt lately, she was an amazing woman, this is a portrait of her as Catwoman in the 60s Batman series, I think she was Catwoman before becoming Catwoman!
Alcohol inks on 50x70 cm yupo paper#earthakitt #catwoman #portrait #painting #batman #1960s #popart #psychedelicart #alcoholinks
Nice to see my Basquiat on show @fleek_gallery alongside the super talented @jason.pengelly Repost @fleek_gallery
by @media.repost:
Amazing pieces on the gallery wall! 👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌😊😊😊
#fleekgallery #basquiat #popart #modernart #contemporaryart
"Amy" alcohol inks , black Indian ink on Yupo paper 50x70 cm, made this for an upcoming exhibition @fleek_gallery  in March celebrating women in art❤️ #amywinehouse #portrait #painting #popart #psychedelicart #gallery #exhibition #fleekgallery #womeninart #artshow